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The surgical wavefront aberrometer.

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Access the Knowledge to EnhanceYour Practice.

At OptiPlus Access, you will find resources geared towards expanding your knowledge of OptiPlus. By providing valuable information, OptiPlus Access helps make sure that every surgeon can get the best results when using OptiPlus. Some of the insights you will find at OptiPlus Access include:

  • Practice and Physician Tools: Provides implementation guides and training documents that help you fully utilize OptiPlus
  • Patient Education Materials: Patient brochures and literature on reimbursement that enable you to appropriately educate your patients about OptiPlus
  • Physician Education Videos: These videos give helpful tips on preparing for surgery, performing surgery with OptiPlus, as well as OptiPlus's learning curve

In order to access this information you need to sign in to your OptiPlus account. If you are a current OptiPlus user and would like to create an account and gain OptiPlus Access, please click here.

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